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“It’s all about the kids, giving them an opportunity and a chance to see the world outside of their world is what it’s all about” – Lamar Jackson

We are doing the right thing, at the right time

The heart and Soul of Forever Dreamers is our inner city youth. Forever Dreamers Foundation was established in 2018, yet the work was being done for years prior to the start of the foundation. Forever Dreamers is a non-profit organization established to encourage our youth to dream big and forever go after their dreams.

We believe that if given an opportunity to explore your options and dreams you can achieve anything with hard-work and dedication. Focusing on building our youth, welcoming them to a different world, encouraging them by example, and supporting their dreams, we are aiming to impact the world one child at a time. Our children are our future and we hope to build a great one.

key outcomes

What makes us diferent?

Our Passion is our Pursuit

We relentlessly pursue the opportunity to impact and change the lives our future through our future (children) by helping them overcome obstacles and keep their dream alive!


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